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ODST Vision
At the heart of the ODST vision is the belief in educational excellence; the belief that ODST is called to serve pupils, staff, parents and their local community by providing academies with the highest levels of academic rigour and pastoral care.  Academies are places where children and young people develop and thrive intellectually, socially, culturally and spiritually.

ODST academies teach a broad and balanced curriculum within national guidelines.  Focusing on core skills, this is designed to ensure that all pupils reach their academic potential and seeks to enrich their experience along the way.  Pupils are enabled to succeed in an atmosphere of high expectation, aspiring to educational excellence.  

ODST is committed to sustaining high quality schools, and supporting schools in need of specific improvement.  They set out to recruit and retain staff of the highest quality and to offer them the working conditions they need to give of their best as they serve the pupils in their care.  They work in partnership with families so that students can be engaged and effective learners.

ODST seek to embody the Christian experience of community, where gifts are shared without counting the cost, where the emphasis is on what can be contributed, rather than on what might be received, and where each is given according to need.

As a limited company operating within the family of the Diocese of Oxford, ODST are motivated by Christian values to serve local communities.  But they do not impose those values.  Admissions policies are open, and priority is normally given to children in the local area.

ODST welcome those of all faiths and none, and are proud of the ethnic diversity within their academies.

ODST Support

ODST supports schools so that school staff can concentrate on continuing to deliver the highest standards of teaching and care to all pupils.  This support is given through central services which are funded through a top slice from the academy’s income.  ODST academies will automatically be provided with a Service Level Agreement that includes support with the curriculum, school improvement, HR advice, finance software, training and advice, governance, premises and appeals.

Operational responsibility for leadership and management of each academy remains with the governing body and the head teacher.  The Academy Trust will appoint a majority of the governing body and there will continue to be elected parent and staff governors.

Steps to Conversion

The key steps the school must take are to:
  • carry out the necessary consultation with the community, parents and staff;
  • hold a governing body meeting approximately two weeks after the consultation ends to consider the consultation responses;
  • decide to proceed;
  • formally apply to join the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust and obtain the Secretary of State’s consent;
  • inform the Local Authority;
  • ensure that financial systems are in place to manage funding;
  • ensure that the school site is made available to the Academy trust via leases and supplemental agreements;
  • transfer, renew or procure new contracts, service level agreements and licences and purchase insurance as appropriate;
  • transfer under TUPE all contract arrangements for staff. This is a formal legal consultation process which is separate from the consultation with all stakeholders.
Throughout conversion, ODST staff will work alongside you to facilitate the process.
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“We have chosen ODST because we will be part of a group of Christian schools committed to being supportive of each other to help raise standards in all our schools.”

~ Sharon Yardley, Headteacher, St Peter’s CE Middle School, Old Windsor
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