The Trust’s aim is to develop strong, accountable governing bodies, made up of highly skilled, well-informed, well-trained governors, who ensure statutory duties are met, set a standard of excellence and are focussed on improving teaching and learning.

The range of services we offer include:
  • support, advice and information about governors’ responsibilities and effectiveness
  • an annual school governors’ training programme
  • tailored courses for individual governing bodies
  • programme for Chairs of Governors
  • a telephone/email helpline
  • guidance documents
  • support for clerks to governors
The Trust also provides a service to administer the appointment of governors on behalf of the diocesan board.

“The Trust's support gave us a greater understanding of our roles and how we should work in our school, based on its current situation. The guidance was accurate and useful.”

~ ODST Governor

Governor Support and Training:
Current ODST Training Courses
Becoming a School Governor

ODST Leadership Briefing for Headteachers, Chairs of Governors and Clerks to Governors:

Leadership Briefing Pack January 2017
Later Leadership Briefing papers January 2017
Leadership Briefing Presentation
Leadership Briefing Pack April 2016
Leadership Briefing Presentation
Leadership Briefing September 2016
Leadership Briefing Presentation

Clerk Support:
Clerk Induction Support

Our schools need people like you to be governors!

Have you ever thought of being a School Governor?
Are you someone ready to make a difference to children in our community?
Do you know, or are you someone who would like to contribute to the vision we have for our schools?

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