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ODST choirs perform at Christ Church Cathedral

Choirs of children from eight ODST schools gave an uplifting performance at an ODST Easter singing event, held at Oxford's Christ Church Cathedral.

The event was organised by the ODST Music Network, a group of music leaders from ODST schools, to give children the opportunity to perform together at a prestigious venue. Each choir sang two songs, ranging from Easter hymns such as I Danced in the Morning, to favourites from musicals such as Mary Poppins. All schools sang together as a finale, performing Easter jubilation and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Residents of local care homes and parishioners of Christ Church Cathedral were invited to watch the performance.

Eight schools took part: Christopher Rawlins CE Primary, Grove CE Primary, Wheatley CE Primary, Blewbury CE Primary, The Batt CE Primary, Witney, St Peter's CE Primary, Alvescot, St Christopher's CE Primary, Cowley, Christ Church CE Primary, Reading

"We wanted to bring children and staff together from the ODST family, through the power of music and the unity that music brings. Taking the children to Christ Church Cathedral, a venue at the heart of our network, is a special and unique experience. Covid has meant that children have not had as many opportunities to perform and so we felt an informal, relaxed and supportive environment would be a great way to start. This is very much a team effort with all the schools encouraged to be a part of the planning. It is our hope that this event will grow from here and become an annual event where we can meet up with and share music with each other."

Kate Maclean and Lucie Elliot-Gurr, ODST Music Network leads.

ODST school children singing at cathedral

ODST children sing at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford

Group of children

ODST Music Network leads by piano
Kate Maclean and Lucie Elliot-Gurr, ODST Music Network leads.

Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford