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ODST delegates considerable autonomy to its Local Governing Bodies (LGBs) and we regard ourselves as a ‘bottom up’ rather than a ‘top down’ organisation.  We aim to develop strong, accountable LGBs made up of highly skilled, well-informed and well-trained Members who ensure statutory duties are met, set a standard of excellence and are focussed on improving teaching and learning outcomes for pupils.

The governance of each ODST academy is undertaken by a LGB to whom extensive powers are delegated. ODST is committed to empowerment at a local level.

ODST develops and supports effective, knowledgeable and well-trained LGB Members through:

  • a central Governance Manager offering guidance to LGB Chairs, Members and clerks
  • access to high-quality training & resources
  • bespoke LGB training to meet identified needs
  • termly events for LGB Chairs and clerks


Our Governance Manager will facilitate support for LGB Members and school governance in a number of ways:

  • Support with the appointment process for all LGB Members in ODST academies
  • Access to advice by telephone and email
  • Briefings on statutory changes relevant to Trustees and LGB Members
  • Support for independent review panels, disciplinary, capability or grievance hearings
  • Briefings for LGB Chairs
  • Options to access training for LGB Members
  • Bespoke training designed to meet individual LGB needs
  • LGB representation at Trustee level
  • Briefings on specific national and local issues
  • Briefings and support for clerks
  • Statutory and other checks and reports
  • Support materials for Chairs and LGB Members

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