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Schools mark Anti-bullying week

Schools have been getting involved with activities to mark Anti-bullying week and promote kindness and respect for one another.

Wootton by Woodstock Primary School began the week with School Council reps delivering an anti bullying assembly to the whole school, where they explained what bullying was, how to respond to bullying and how to support others who may be being bullied.

The anti-bullying week focus this year is ‘one kind word’, and at Wootton by Woodstock any acts of kindness are being rewarded with a ‘caught you being kind’ card. At the end of the week the children can exchange these cards for house points and the children with the most kindness cards will have afternoon tea with the headteacher.

The school is also spreading kindness throughout its community - each child is writing words of kindness and these will be displayed around the village to bring a smile to those who need it most.

At Burford Primary School, children will welcome speaker Lizzie Skinner of Beanology, who will work with the children on themes of kindness and believing in yourself.

Headteacher Adam Clark said ' we are focusing in on the reason that sometimes we are unkind others and address these first. We will be using old socks to make sock puppets to help us to think about our inner critic, helping us to be kind to ourselves, so that we won't be unkind to others. Our hope is that if we love ourselves first, then we won't need to fear other people's sparkle.'

Anti-bullying week runs from 15-19 November 2021.