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St Luke's explores British values and democracy with MP Theresa May

Children at St Luke's CE Primary, Maidenhead, welcomed their local MP - former Prime Minister Theresa May - to school to talk about British Values and democracy.

Mrs May talked to children in the hall, sharing insights about her role and the significance of democracy. The pupils actively participated in the conversation, with one student making an insightful observation about how democracy ensures decisions are made by considering the views of everyone and not the power being with one sole individual.

Following the session, the school council discussed their roles and responsibilities with the former Prime Minister and posed thought-provoking questions. This experience will undoubtedly inspire the school council to be even more effective in representing the voices of the pupils. There was also an opportunity for some members of staff to discuss the challenges of our roles in education.

Headteacher, Sam Stevenson, said 'St. Luke’s were privileged to have a VIP visit from their local MP and former Prime Minister, Theresa May. It really was a truly inspiring experience for the pupils and it was wonderful to see young minds actively engaging in discussions about democracy, and hear their understanding around the importance of representing the views of everyone. Visits like this can have a significant impact on our children, providing them with real-life examples of leadership and the opportunity to ask questions.

The visit was a great success, with visitors commenting on the exemplary behaviour and impressive knowledge displayed by the children. This is a testament to the positive school culture and quality education provided at St. Luke’s. We couldn't be prouder!'

ODST chief executive Anne Dellar also attended and said she was incredibly proud of how the children were engaged and asked thoughtful questions.

“I was pleased to visit St Luke’s and hear the really good questions the children asked. It was heartening to see them so engaged in understanding the importance of our democracy. They were a great group of children.”  

Theresa May MP