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Hub working

As ODST has grown both in numbers and geographically, we have developed a ‘hub’ model to allow clusters of our schools to work together to achieve a common goal. In its creation, we have ensured that hubs will be location-based to allow for close collaboration and ease of face-to-face contact and mobility of both staff and students.

Our hubs enable:

  • A sense of shared identity between schools
  • A common purpose and joint vision for improving the attainment, achievement and progress of ALL young people served within each hub
  • Strong cohesive leadership, which seeks to develop and sustain leadership at all levels in all hub schools
  • Schools to share openly and develop a willingness to operate in a joined-up way
  • Local empowerment – having the tools and resources to do this.

Our hubs function as collaborative units which facilitate school-to-school support and form a basis for training and more. Each hub has a link trustee and a delegated budget. This both enables and oversees peer review and support, and school improvement strategies. We will continue to evaluate our hub model to enable us to develop it in the most effective way.

Our current hubs are:

  • Oxford
  • North Oxfordshire
  • West Oxfordshire
  • Southern Arc
  • Thames

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