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School Effectiveness

ODST prides itself on providing valued guidance and support for school effectiveness. We work directly with schools, governing bodies and government, improving education outcomes through evaluation, training and high quality CPD.
The ODST School Effectiveness Team provides a very strong package of support, development and challenge for ODST school leaders and governors. Our staged intervention and support programme for each school allows us all to focus on children first and ensure that they receive the best education available to them. We have a robust and consistent process for tracking and measuring pupil performance across the primary age range and use this to monitor the progress and attainment of pupils at various critical stages in their learning.
Assessing and evaluating pupil outcomes is a part of regular training and support for our schools’ leaders. This is done through regular conferences, governor training and network learning events for subject leaders. 
In setting school specific targets as well as in its routine for school improvement, our work focuses on the key groups where underachievement has been identified nationally:
• disadvantaged pupils
• pupils with SEN
alongside the needs of other pupil groups.
Schools and our School Effectiveness Partners engage in focused meetings around these pupil groups to ensure that differences diminish, and good progress is achieved.  Target setting for these pupils is the key to raising aspirations and ensuring all opportunities for learning are taken. Communication with parents/carers supports this process and allows new strategies and interventions to work in conjunction with quality first teaching to reduce gaps and accelerate progress for these pupils.
ODST’s approach to target setting and assessment is underpinned by a well-formulated policy for engagement with children and families, allowing good progress and attainment to be achieved in all our schools.