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CPD and events

We want to develop great teachers who will become the school leaders of tomorrow, and support the great leadership we already have. We run a wide range of CPD, training and networking events for school leaders, teachers, business managers and governors across the trust. Some of our events are also open to non-trust schools.

2019/20 CPD

Our events and CPD opportunities planned for 2019/20 for each role are outlined below, and full details can be found on the events calendar or Eventbrite booking page.

NEW: Leadership and management programme 2019/20
A new 8-part programme supporting new and aspiring leaders with 'outside the classroom' skills. > View full details

Headteachers and SLT

  • Leadership conferences
  • Headteacher forum meetings (formerly Trust business meetings)
  • Understanding your school's strengths
  • Inspection handbook training
  • Hub meetings
  • Early Years Network
  • Target Tracker Champions Network
  • Leadership and management programme


  • English and Mathematics CPD
  • Subject leader networks
  • Target Tracker Champions Network
  • Proving progress across the curriculum - moderation and book scrutiny training
  • NQT network
  • Middle leaders quality standard

School Business Managers

  • Business Managers Network meetings
  • Leadership and management programme
  • Training as required in a variety of software and systems

Governors - see governance pages.

School-to-school support

Incoming schools will join a strong and growing family with the relevant support structures designed to meet their initial and ongoing needs.  Each new headteacher will have a specific Head mentor and a nearby link school for support (within their Hub). We encourage school-to-school support in the form of monitoring and evaluation through learning walks and moderation, as well as teacher release to work across more than one school within hubs or more broadly across the Trust.