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Leadership and Management programme

Supporting your leadership journey

The ODST Leadership and Management programme is intended to support new and aspiring school leaders with some of the tools, skills and knowledge they need to meet the challenges of 'outside the classroom' leadership.
  • The programme gives a valuable insight into eight key areas of  school leadership, outside of teaching and learning.
  • Attendees will gain some of the tools they need to perform their leadership roles more effectively, as well as take on future roles.
  • It also offers the valuable chance to meet and share experiences  with peers from other schools.
The programme will be held over eight 'twilight' (4-6pm) sessions.
  1. Leadership styles and skills
  2. Health and safety
  3. Difficult conversations
  4. Financial management
  5. Managing change
  6. Managing premises and contracts
  7. Investigations and disciplinary
  8. Data protection and GDPR
Dates and session details are available further down this page.

Who should attend?

  • Middle leaders, phase leaders, assistant heads, deputy heads, school business managers, or headteachers who are fairly new to headship.
  • Experienced headteachers can drop in to specific sessions if they wish and there is space available.
  • The programme is primarily for ODST schools, but will be relevant more widely and we will open it to other schools if there is space after initial interest from ODST.

Invitations to ODST schools for the programme will be sent via headteachers.

Cost: Fee for the whole programme: £150 for ODST schools; £180 for external schools.

Ad-hoc sessions for experienced headteachers or school business managers: £25.

Venue: Church House Oxford, Langford Locks, Kidlington, OX5 1GF
(Update: sessions 4-8 to be held virtually)

Booking: Please contact Jennifer Payne in the first instance. 01865 208737

Dates and session details:


Session title

Session description

ODST session lead

24 Oct



Leadership styles and skills

An overview of the different styles of leadership and how leaders can best utilise their skills.


Sharon Mullins

27 Nov 2019

Health and safety

Overview of the principal H&S legislation as it applies to the school environment, giving attendees increased awareness of the range and breadth of legal responsibilities that applies to school leaders.


Mike Bingham

15 Jan 2020



Difficult conversations

This session will seek to provide some practical suggestions as to how difficult conversations can be faced in schools and give delegates an opportunity to work through an example together.

Mark Jones

2 Mar


Financial management

This training session will cover the key areas with regards to financial management in your school. It will include:

- budget preparation and monitoring

- key staff that should be involved in the process

- reporting to SLT and Governors.


Madhu Richards

New date: 9 Nov 20


Managing change

Change is an ever-present in our schools and yet can be a force for both positive and negative. During this session we’ll review some of the theory behind change and techniques for engaging others to support you on the path to success.


Mark Jones

New date: 11 Jan 21


Managing premises and contracts

Overview of the legal basis for servicing and maintenance schedules and the legal importance of managing contractors on school premises.

Attendees will gain an increased awareness of the significance of servicing and maintenance schedules, and the risks of not managing/monitoring contractors appropriately.


Mike Bingham

New date: 25 Feb 21


Investigations and disciplinary

Problems can arise in any workplace and making sure they are dealt with fairly and consistently may require an investigation which in turn may lead to disciplinary action.

During this session we’ll consider the role of the investigator, what an effective investigation should cover and how it supports disciplinary action.


Mark Jones / Christine Gibbins

New date: 22 Mar 21

GDPR and data protection

Overview of the legal responsibilities imposed on schools by GDPR, ensuring attendees understand the implications around using and managing personal data within the school environment.


Mike Bingham