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Strong leadership and governance


Strategic leadership with a strong vision

At ODST our decision-making is always linked back to our vision and values.

Our highly experienced senior leadership team are passionate about transforming the lives of children and dedicated to ensuring ODST schools are the best they can be, and our committed board of trustees provides oversight, scrutiny and support at a strategic level.

Both groups meet regularly to drive the strategic direction and continued success of the trust. The input of school leaders is also highly valued, with headteachers, chairs of local governing bodies and school business managers able to meet with trust leaders at regular forums and briefings.

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Mutual accountability and empowerment in governance

ODST is committed to empowerment at a local level and delegates autonomy to each school's Local Governing Body (LGB), alongside a principle of 'mutual accountability'. We aim to develop strong, accountable LGBs made up of highly skilled, well-informed and well-trained members who ensure statutory duties are met, set a standard of excellence and are focussed on improving teaching and learning outcomes for pupils.

Our central Governance team offers guidance to school leaders, local governing bodies and clerks, and support in dealing with independent review panels and other complex issues. Regular meetings and training opportunities ensure our LGB members have the knowledge and skills they need.

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