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Our aim as an HR team is to provide our schools with a service that is supportive, customer-focussed and pragmatic. The fact that we know each of our schools, and the teams within them, helps that process significantly. We also work very closely with our School Effectiveness and Finance teams to ensure that any support that ODST gives is ‘joined up’.

On a day to day basis, nothing is ‘off limits’ as far as HR support is concerned, so that could involve helping schools with anything ranging from recruitment to performance management; from guidance on maternity/ paternity leave to supporting return to work initiatives. We also provide training and support - face to face and over the phone - on our HR system, and support schools to manage payroll and pension queries.

With the ever-increasing pressure on budgets, we are used to guiding schools through tough questions about staffing structures but HR isn’t just there for the difficult times and we have a growing set of training initiatives that will enable us to upskill and develop our people.

We also provide a wide range of policies and guidance around HR issues.